One Man can Make a Difference in the World by Mowing Lawns

What a difference a year makes. Last September Rodney Smith, a student at Alabama A&M in Huntsville, challenged himself to mow 40 lawns for senior citizens, the disabled and single mothers. In between classes he astonished himself by mowing 100 lawns over the next few months and was surprised by the joyful reaction he received from his customers. Born in Bermuda Smith says

“Giving back is just normal. A lot of elderly people are on fixed incomes and paying for their lawn to get done prevents them from getting other things they need like medication.”

He says in Huntsville some areas fine homeowners for not keeping up their lawns and this seemed an undue burden for many of his clients.

One man mowing lawns in Huntsville has started a movement. In December, Raising Men Lawn Service was born and in just one year, there are official chapters in…



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