Omarosa intends to betray her former boss and his family?

In the worst possible way, Omarosé Onée Manigault-Newman, aka Omarosa, could turn into one of those Hollywood rag reporters and do a tell-all on President Donald Trump. She could possibly trash the President’s marriage as well as cast shadows on the way the White House is run. Would she do something like that or worse? This article explores all the what-ifs.

As Written and Reported By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

I was going to write about Trump’s legal team preparing to attack Mike Flynn’s credibility but that’s actually less newsy than the Omarosa gossip is. What’s the “news” in it? Of course Trump’s going to call Flynn a liar if he accuses him of something. “It’s Defense Strategy 101,” as one former federal prosecutor told the paper. Granted, it’ll be awkward for Trump to suddenly go scorched-earth on a guy whom he’s spent the past year praising in public and private but POTUS won’t let a detail like that stop



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