Old Bay, Spaghetti Selfies, and Sweatpants of Meat: Laughter for the Holidays

Look out Lady Gaga, here comes Arby’s! Yes, Arby’s has the meats and this Christmas, if you’re lucky, you can wear them—according to Fox News. It seems the carnivorous food chain is giving away meat-print sweats and hoodies to a few lucky meat-eaters. Now, if they’re scented, I’m in!

I admit it. I was captured by the headline about the meat clothing and just had to read the story. I laughed a little—which was nice. Given the serious nature of news stories this year, I thought it might be refreshing to just see what humorous stories are floating around out there in the ether.

This one, for instance. Also from Fox News, apparently if you smear spaghetti all over your body and then snap a picture of it, that is considered sexy. This story actually gives me hope. I have Christmas cookie crumbs falling out of my beard as we

B.T. Horn

B.T. Horn

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