Ok Lunger. Let’s do it!

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Ok Lunger! Let’s do it. In the famous scene from the movie Tombstone,” Johnny Ringo utters these words. There comes a time when in life there is a “call.” All draws have been exhausted, all bets have been waged, and it’s time to put up, or shut up. So it is with my situation today.

When you are an investigative journalist You sometimes step into uncharted waters filled with opinions, unbelievable ideas and even when it affects you personally you can’t let it sway your professionalism. You can never let anger chart your course, and never be threatened by what may or may not happen if you speak your mind. Today I set sail on these waters.

For the last two months my family has been subjected to the most unAmerican, tyrannical, unimaginable accusations that you can see. In this article I need to bear my soul.



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