Obama’s HUD Misplaced $500 Billion — Enron Was Only $63 Billion!!!

This is TOTALLY outrageous! Although I doubt you see or hear about it from the MSM. They are only interested in ‘the dirt’ on Trump. They don’t seem to care about any misdoings or alleged crimes of Clinton or the Obama administration. Regardless if it was about $500 BILLION being misplaced.

Sure, the Obama administration went after Enron, but so what! We are talking about liberals and the Obama administration missing $500 BILLION!!! HELLO! …nothing but crickets from MSM.

Some of you may recall the massive scandal in 2001 surrounding the bankruptcy of the Enron Corporation, an energy company based in Texas.

Investors lost an estimated $63 billion when investigators discovered that Enron officials and auditors at the Arthur Anderson accounting firm had knowingly and unethically used loopholes in the law and various accounting tricks to hide billions that had been lost in bad deals and debt from shareholders.

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