Obama’s Final Days

The Ending Of The Obama Empire (Image: MGN)

You remember in high school when you would wake up late, rush to school, then realize that you had a presentation due in your third-period class? The panic and instant hysteria would suffocate you in fear of failing. So, like all other high schoolers, you’d do the presentation in the back of your first two period classes and hope that the flimsy papers, which were clumsily glued to recycled cardboard, would be enough to at least pass the class.

Now picture that same feeling on a political scale. President Obama is a little more than 100 days away from retiring the presidential pen and he’s cramming. The wasted time of vacations, golf games, and children’s science fairs are catching up to him in a big way. So like any high school or college finals student, President Obama isn’t wasting any time to get…



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