Obama’s Classless Rebuke Of Trump’s DACA Announcement

During the eight years of the Obama presidency, many observers commented on the class shown by former President George W. Bush by not criticizing his successor even though Obama blamed unfairly blamed Bush for every problem he faced from terrorism to missing putts on the 18th green.   It took Barack Obama just inside of eight months to ignore the class shown by his predecessor, and violate the unspoken rule that every former president save one has followed. Appropriately the only recent president prior to Obama to criticize his successor was Jimmy Carter who is the second worst president in the nation’s history (behind Obama)

What Obama had to say was hardly worth the breath expended. It was predictable right down to the accusations that stick like glue on the accuser. An example was his assertion that Donald Trump made his decision purely for political reasons — which is precisely why Obama and the Democrats embraced DACA during his time



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