Obama’s biggest EVER scandal uncovered (yup… drugs AND terrorism!)

An explosive new report alleges that former President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry betrayed America… sold out our allies… and helped enrich terrorists and drug dealers.

Even worse, the silence from the mainstream media on the biggest scandal to ever hit the Obama administration is deafening — and it has conservatives outraged.

Obama sold out America, and did it to get a toothless and ugly deal with Iran that experts believe hasn’t stopped the Ayatollah from pursuing nuclear weapons.

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Republicans in Congress are already vowing an investigation into the report detailed in Politico, which alleges that the Obama Administration blocked the Justice Department from acting against the Iran-sponsored terror group Hezbollah.

The report alleges that Hezbollah formed a vast international criminal network, linking up with South American drug cartels to send cocaine into the streets of America



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