Obamacare Lite Is Not Good Enough! [VIDEO]

Rand Paul characterizes Ryancare as Obamacare Lite—because it is a Big Government atrocity.

I think Rand Paul is doing Donald Trump a favor by opposing Obamacare Lite, which is his apt description for the Obamacare replacement that Paul Ryan organized.

[embedded content]

Rand is doing Trump a favor because Trump will not be helped is 2020 or in history by having his name attached to a failure. And Obamacare Lite will be a failure.

Replacing one failure with another failure isn’t worth the effort.

In the video, Rand Paul points out that Obamacare Lite includes the mandate. That means that Republicans plan to include penalties for those who don’t purchase insurance. That’s staggering! Paul Ryan is promoting a bill that contains the provision that people hate most about Obamacare.

Thus, CNS News reports,

The plan to repeal and replace Obamacare unveiled by House Republican leaders on Monday orders insurance…



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