Obama: “The U.S. Must Give Up Some Of Its Freedoms to the UN”

Many Americans are very excited about President Trump’s first year in office. We’ve had enough of Obama’s policies which weakened America and our military and made us look weak among nations around the world. Not that Obama could care. Afterall, Obama supported Obamacare and wanted a One World government, just like Hillary.

Although the President is quickly turning around all of Obama’s agenda, regulations and anti-American policies, we can’t forget that the former President still has power and influence throughout the world. At one of Obama’s last gatherings with other world leaders at the UN, Obama said this:

scroll down to watch video:

The two international deals for climate change and Iran nuclear nonproliferation, along with strengthening the United Nations were highlights of the Obama legacy and the former president’s efforts. Thankfully, as we’ve seen – President Trump has been able to nix both of those treaties and together with Ambassador



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