Obama Sneaks Ammunition Ban Through in Last Days


Former President Barack Obama feverishly pushed his liberal agenda in the waning hours of his presidency, including a near-secret ban on specific ammunition.

One of Obama’s final actions in office was, unsurprisingly, a piece of anti-2nd Amendment legislation.

The ban, which flew under the noses of Washington as it prepared for the inauguration of President Donald Trump, will affect certain ammunition types on certain pieces of property throughout the United States – a massive dig at the 2nd Amendment.

“U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe, an Obama appointee, ordered a new ammunition ban for certain federal lands on Thursday–his last full day in office.

“The ban, which took effect immediately, eliminates the use of lead-based ammunition on federal lands like national parks and wildlife refuges, as well as any other land administered by the Fish and Wildlife Service.The ban is expected to have a major impact on much of the hunting…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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