Obama Smithsonian Portrait Artist Known For Painting Decapitated White People

Kehinde Wiley, the artist who painted the ex- President Barack Obama official portrait, also produced a pair of paintings depicting black women decapitating white people.

The unveiling of the official portrait of  Obama this month also introduced many Americans to Wiley for the first time as well. It opened the door to late-breaking controversy over some of Wiley’s earlier work.

With his rendering of Obama, Kehinde Wiley became the first African American to ever paint an official presidential portrait. His new-found fame has also drawn attention to some of the artist’s more boundary-pushing past works.

This what is confusing to me … you can’t have Confederate flags … you take down historical statues because they are racist but the 44th POTUS picks the guy who painted these pictures to paint his presidential portrait and that’s just fine? Maybe I’m missing something? #tcot pic.twitter.com/9RhYCGPQK7

— Jeannie-ology (@jeanniology) February 12, 2018

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