Obama Set to Force States to Fund Planned Parenthood

Last year, the Center for Medical Progress dropped a political bombshell when it revealed the results of their two-year undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood.

They had found that the nation’s largest abortion chain was actually selling the body parts of babies they had aborted.

It created a huge scandal, and the backlash was immediate. Planned Parenthood eventually announced that they would end their practice of accepting cash in exchange for baby parts, but only after a lot of damage had already been done.

Congress investigated the abortion giant, along with multiple states across the country. Planned Parenthood President and CEO Cecile Richards was forced to testify on the scandal. Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood, although President Obama vetoed the bill.

The states took it into their own hands. So far, 14 states have moved to end state funding of Planned Parenthood, but not if the Obama administration gets its&hell





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