Obama Returning To Washington With One Goal, And It’s INFURIATING Conservatives

Former President Barack Obama is far from disappearing from the political landscape of Washington D.C. according to new reports, and his newfound focus will leave many conservatives furious.

Former President Obama is returning to the trenches in Washington with a goal of ousting Donald Trump, according to new reports.

Reports are trickling in that Obama, along with a litany of democratic operatives, are gathering in the Washington suburbs to plan a revolt against President Donald J. Trump.  For some of the capital’s elite, Obama’s return to the fray was inevitable, but the results that the former Commander in Chief is working toward are completely treasonous.

“The Daily Mail reports that Obama is being aided in his crusade by ex-senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, who has moved into Obama’s nerve center just two miles from the White House to help him build momentum behind the ‘mounting insurgency’ against Trump.

“On Tuesday, former Attorney…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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