Obama Released Afghani Soldiers Into America

Dozens Of Afghan Troops Have Vanished From Training (Image: MGN)

In the past month, 8 Afghan soldiers have defected inside the United States. The United States has sent 2,200 Afghan troops into the US to be properly trained for the war. In the past two years, 44 of those soldiers have vanished inside America. The Obama Administration has yet to release these details due to the embarrassment of the program.

You might not have known this but Afghan troops travel to America to get military training. It’s not known how many are sent each year but since 2007 over 2,200 Afghan troops have been trained in America. However, a problem is now starting to arise. In the past two years, 44 Afghan troops have vanished.

Pentagon officials believe that troops defect so they can work and live illegally inside the United States. If that’s the case, government officials are starting to…



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