OBAMA NORMAL: Russian Fighters Buzz US Destroyer In Simulated Attack

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On April 11th, Russian fighters came within feet of the US Destroyer Donald Cook. This “Buzz” of an American vessel breaks numerous rules of engagement, international treaties and a Russian/American Agreement that “specifically” forbids this behavior.

It is a brazen display of power as the planes simulated an attack run on the US ship. This is yet another show of force from the Russians as they continue to enlarge themselves again as a world power at the expense of the US.

President Obama is reportedly very upset about this. He actually delayed a “Tee-time” for an hour while he fumed about it.

All kidding aside, the Obama Administration has become a laughing stock to the world. Putin only continues to show that we have no backbone and that he is the real power in the world.

Iran is visiting Moscow next week to discuss weapons purchases and friendship.…



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