Obama Ignored This Threat for Years, Trump Tackles it Head On!

Trump just keeps on delivering on those campaign promises! What a banner year it has been! Our country is making progress in all areas including the economy, health care, taxes and now, national security.

While national security is not always a hot topic to read about, in the case of an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, the possibilities are terrifying. Unfortunately, the Obama administration pretty much ignored the threat, but Trump is fixing that.

EMPs are short, intense pulses of electromagnetic radiation, and they can cause an incredible amount of damage. A large enough EMP can absolutely wipe out any electronic equipment and render it useless. That could mean wiping out an entire electrical grid. Imagine the chaos that would happen were we suddenly launched back to the dark ages. No electricity, no transportation. The impact would be unimaginable. Stores would be empty, medicine would run out and people would be



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