Obama: Disturbing History Of Executive Targeting

Executive targeting is nothing new. First it was the IRS targeting conservative groups….now add the following:

FBI CIA NSA Justice Department Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Representatives of the Director of National Intelligence

According to McClatchy:

All agencies who have specifically targeted conservative and republican individuals and groups. All under the watchful eye of President Barack Obama. Furthermore, all of this info is found in public newspapers. Not classified. Not top secret.

Executive Targeting Media In Full Coverup

Although liberal sources such as the Guardian, the New York Times, and McClatchy have all printed stories in regards to the Obama wiretapping of Donald Trump scenario, they all seem to be confused what to do about it now. Should they cover up? Should they spin the story?

Its mighty hard to have any credibility if you deny your own stories right? So instead, we see explanation and excuse after…



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