Obama artist paints black women holding severed white heads

Artist Kehinde Wiley (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

While America is captivated by the newly released portraits of former President Obama and first lady Michelle, there’s something curious about Obama’s artist that’s raising eyebrows: He apparently enjoys painting portraits of black women holding the severed heads of white people.

Kehinde Wiley, a New York artist who paints primarily African-American subjects in heroic poses, was chosen by former President Obama to create a portrait of the 44th president to be displayed at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Wiley’s portrait of Obama was unveiled Monday.

While the New York Times and others sang Wiley’s praises, claiming the portrait showed the president as an “alert and troubled thinker,” others wanted to know: Why is he sitting in the middle of a giant, green bush?

“[W]hat’s with all the bushes behind Obama?” asked Twitchy. “Was that some sort of subliminal play on the president before Obama?”

Even talk-radio

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