NYPD Defies Mayor’s Sanctuary City Policy

Ever since Rudy Giuliani left the Mayor’s office at the end of 2001, New York City has been run by ultra-liberals. The infamous gun-hating and anti-Second Amendment Michael Bloomberg was mayor for the next 11 years. He once claimed to be a Democrat, then switched to Republican and in 2007 listed himself as an Independent. However, Bloomberg was as ultra-left and liberal as the majority of Democrats and still is.

On January 1, 2014, Bill de Blasio was sworn in as New York’s mayor. As a true Democrat, de Blasio is further left-wing than the Social Democratic Party of Iran. As soon as he became mayor, he handcuffed the New York Police Department by ending stop and frisk.

In December 2014, a number of New York City Policemen/women signed letters requesting that Mayor de Blasio not attend their funeral if they got killed in the line of duty. The form…



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