NY Times Says Climate Change Bigger Threat Than North Korean Nukes

The liberal world has long held the belief that the man-made emissions of greenhouse gasses that are increasing the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, is causing our entire planet to heat up.  The left’s need for this to be true has created entire industries of eco-friendly hogwash salesmen in the media who don’t serve the truth, but only truly serve the climate change excuse for the globalist agenda.

But in recent years, solar activity has been studied as a possible cause for the so-called “climate change”, and a prolonged period of less than average activity seems destined to reach earth in the next few decades.

In fact, Vencore Inc. has worked closely with a number of government agencies on weather-related projects, including NASA, NOAA, Naval Meteorological, and Oceanographic Command, Naval Postgraduate School, and the Intelligence Community. It is now suggesting that the extreme lack of sunspot activity may be an indication of a

Andrew West and Jeff Dunetz

Andrew West and Jeff Dunetz

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