NY Times Omits That Translator In Trump Jr. Meeting Formerly Worked For Hillary At State

By Andrew West

As Hillary Clinton began to feel a bit worried about the results of the election the career politician began implying that Donald Trump’s relationship with the Russian government was somehow inappropriate; an especially absurd accusation given that there had been no relationship between Trump the and Kremlin discovered.  It was merely a last-ditch effort by the listing liberal ship in the throes of taking on scandalous waters.

Now, every time anyone with a Russian connection does anything in America, it is somehow connected to President Donald Trump’s nefarious work as a Russian double agent.  For instance, when a Russian lawyer met with Donald Trump Jr. in New York City promising to spill dirt on Hillary Clinton, the left took that as an obvious sign that the younger Donnie’s dad was deep within the Kremlin ranks.

The logic employed, or likely not employed by the left is astounding.  If then-candidate Donald Trump was working with the Kremlin to…



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