NY Post’s Sperry: FBI/DOJ and Mueller “Gonna Be in a World of Hurt”

Reporter Paul Sperry who has uncovered stories in the past about the corruption inside the FBI and the DOJ is saying that a lot of people are going to be in a world of hurt once Rep Devin Nunes’ four page memo on the FISA warrants is released. He claims that both Fusion Founder Simpson and Christopher Steele who were interviewed by Mueller’s investigators were caught in a sh*tstorm of lies. He makes the point that it will severely hurt the credibility of the Mueller inquisition.

I’m told Steele & Simpson + the FBI & DOJ/NSD + even FISC are all gonna be in a world of hurt when this 4-pp memo + underlying docs hit the fan.

Steele & Simpson are caught in a sh*tstorm of lies, which further tainted the



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