Number Of Americans Filing For Unemployment Benefits At 45-Year Low

Do we still have questions about whether President Trump’s economic plan is good for the country? This week’s report of unemployment benefits  is the lowest we’ve seen in 45 years (I had hair then). And this is only based on the easing of regulations and the anticipation of the tax cuts. The full effect of the tax cuts haven’t been felt yet.

It was 1973 the last time we had such a low number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits! While the stock market is losing value at the moment, the main stream economy is still showing signs that the Trump Administration and Republicans know what they are doing.

[embedded content] Think back to 2009-2011 when politicians and the media were telling us that the economy was the “new normal”—as if that explained anything!

Reuters reports, “U.S. jobless claims drop to near 45-year low.

The number of



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