Nukes needed because conventional forces don’t offer ‘deterrence’

The nation’s new Nuclear Posture Review explains that nuclear weaponry is needed by the United States because conventional forces don’t “provide comparable deterrence effects,” outlines a new report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

And besides that, there are groups known to support “terrorist efforts to obtain or employ nuclear devices.”

The 2018 NPR, a document traditionally created during the first year of a new president’s tenure, recently has become available.

In an analysis, the Federation of American scientists say the new plan “perceives a rapidly deteriorating threat environment in which potential nuclear-armed adversaries are increasing their reliance on nuclear weapons and follows suit.”

“The review reverses decades of bipartisan policy and orders what would be the first new nuclear weapons since the end of the Cold War. Furthermore, the document expands the use of circumstances in which the United States would consider employing nuclear weapons to include ‘non-nuclear strategic attacks,’” wrote



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