Nuclear War With Russia Is Imminent

The Russian government is launching an exercise to prepare their 200,000 emergency personnel and 40 million citizens for nuclear war. A Russian organization named EMERCON also announced plans to build an underground bunker to protect from nuclear fallout. The Russian government is also upgrading and stockpiling their nuclear arsenal. However, no nuclear threat has been made.

It seems that Russia is preparing for the worst. The Russian Government has launched a nationwide training exercise that focuses on civil defense in hopes to prepare the country for the event of a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. They, of course, are pointing their fingers towards the West.

The tension between nations has been gradually climbing over Russia’s conduct in Syria. Last week, amid the international tension, the Defense Ministry-run Zvezda TV network announced, “Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.” 

The exercise will last for three days and be…



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