NRA silences liberal celebs with THIS powerful message (wow)

Liberal Hollywood changed Sunday’s Oscars ceremony from a celebration of movies into a 4-hour long leftist propaganda commercial.

The National Rifle Association was a main target of these celebrity complaints — and the gun rights group fired back at the attacks with a moving message on Twitter.

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The NRA fought back against liberal Hollywood by sharing a video that explains what the organization and their members stand for, and challenged rapper Common and the rest of the Academy to comment.

Watch the powerful message here —

.@common @TheAcademy: This is what the #NRA and its members stand for. #Oscars

— NRATV (@NRATV) March 5, 2018

Featured in the video is former Navy SEAL Dom Raso, discussing why he stands for the American flag.

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“I stand to honor the sacrifices of



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