Now Maxine Waters Wants President Trump Exiled

By Keely Sharp and Jeff Dunetz

It is no secret that Maxine Waters is more cuckoo than a clock, as the saying goes she acts as if she donated her brain to science and forgot to tell the scientists to wait until she was dead. Especially now that she wants an investigation to see if President Trump can be exiled.

Mad Maxine has claimed that Trump WILL be impeached, over and over again. She has called Trump and every one of his supporters every colorful name in the book (including scumbags). It is quite interesting though, because as she rants and raves over how “racist” and horrible our president is, and how everyone is colluding with the Russians…it really feels as if  we are all watching her self destruction.

As Trump said about Nancy Pelosi, perhaps Maxine Waters is a great weapon for elections. They continue to go off the deep end…



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