Not Holding My Breath

She has agreed to testify before the House Intelligence Committee sometime this month, but she agreed to do so only behind closed doors. And if you believe her claim that it’s because of national security concerns I’ve got some swampland to sell you.

And so the 2016 presidential election is now one for the history books….exciting, intriguing, yet downright dirty and vile…with a cast of characters even the best novelist could not make up. And now with the passage of time helping to prove that the media driven ‘Russia did it’ hacking scenario was nothing but sore losers grasping at straws, certain key players in that election’s cast of characters continue to stand out…that is in addition to Hillary Clinton of course…one of which is former F.B.I. Director James Comey…the very man given the task to find the leakers turned out to be the leaker himself.

James Comey…a key…



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