Northeastern U Study: School Shootings Have DECLINED Since 1990s

One school shooting is too much, but the media hysteria about an epidemic of school shootings is nothing short of hyperbolic.  A new study tracking school safety in the U.S. shows that since the 1990s violence in schools has actually declined and mass shootings have fallen. Indeed, the liberal mantra that American schools are more dangerous than ever seems to have been blown out of the water by this study.

The study by researchers at Northeastern University said that despite the media hype, mass school shootings are extremely rare. Further, the study shows that shootings involving students have been on the decline since the 1990s. In fact, the review found that four times as many kids were killed in schools in the early 90s than have been since then.

According to James Alan Fox, the Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, Law and Public Policy at Northeastern, “Schools are safer



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