NOAA fudged temps by 2.5 degrees to show ‘warming’

The International Space Station seen from NASA space shuttle Endeavour (Photo by NASA)

NOAA has been exaggerating temperature measurements in the United States over the past century by as much as 2.5 degrees to maintain its belief that the rise in CO2 in the atmosphere is causing global warming, contends the publisher of a climate science website.

Average U.S. temperatures have decreased since the 1930s, according to actual measurements. But about half of the 1,218 U.S. Historical Climatology Network temperature stations in the U.S. fail to report their data, allowing NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to “adjust” it, writes Steven Goddard, who publishes with the pseudonym Tony Heller.

Goddard, who has a BS in geology from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Rice University, writes that the NOAA “data tampering produces a spectacular hockey stick of scientific fraud, which becomes the basis of vast amounts of downstream junk

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Art Moore

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