No Joke: Pelosi Says GOP Tax Bill Is Worse Than Slavery

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi really needs to to be sure to take her meds! This woman has lost it. She just compared the GOP tax bill to slavery! How insane is that? She also shamed Republicans with her Christmas reference to ‘Tiny Tim’ in ‘A Christmas Carol’.

In a last-ditch effort to criticize the GOP’s tax reform bill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the Republican measure was the worst bill to ever be passed in the United States Congress.

(Um…no….that was Obamacare….you know the bill you said we had to pass the bill before we could find out what was in it!)

“I have said that this was stiff competition by some of the other things they have put forth, is the worst bill in the history of the United States Congress,” Pelosi said Tuesday during a House floor debate on the tax measure, according the The Hill.

Pelosi’s argument,



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