NO JOKE: New Book Claims Math is RAAAAACIST

There is no academic field that is free from the liberal social agenda. If you made the assumption that math was void from racial bias, think again. Now the straightforward, strictly data driven field of mathematics is being accused of aiding inequality and racism.

Yup, now data and numbers are being labeled as foes of social justice.

CNN Money reports mathematician Cathy O’Neil concludes in her book “Weapon of Math Destruction” that algorithms and big data are targeting the poor, reinforcing racism and amplifying inequality. O’Neil is a graduate of Harvard University and is also a member of the Occupy Movement. She claims discriminatory algorithms are everywhere including academia, criminal justice system, policing, advertising, and hiring practices.

Or as CNN Money put it:

Math is racist: How data is driving inequality

In an obsequious Time magazine  profile on O’Neil’s book, this alleged insidiousness in math is explored further:

Her work makes particularly disturbing…



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