No, Corporate CEOs are Not Heroes

I warned everybody about this in several posts last week. How some of the worst cretins rummaging around the carcass of American freedom and democracy instantaneously began salivating ferociously at the opportunity to look heroic by coming out in opposition to a grossly exaggerated Nazi threat hyped up by the corporate media. The events in Charlottesville presented such a tremendous opportunity for sleazy people in power to preposterously frame themselves as “speaking truth to power,” I knew they’d milk it for all it’s worth. Days later, and they’re still doing it.

Of course, the “journalists” of corporate media, i.e., public relations stenographers for billionaires, are doing everything they can to push this ridiculous narrative. Unsurprisingly, The New York Times has helped lead the charge, with David Gelles penning an article on Saturday that has to be one of the most revolting pieces of shameless propaganda ever composed in the english language.

The article,



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