No background checks: Criminals don’t buy guns, they steal them

Gun thieves don’t bother with paperwork required for honest gun transactions. (Dave Workman)

The burglary of a Phoenix gun store last week has resulted in the offer of a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible, while at the same time calling public attention to the disconnect between common sense and the gun prohibition lobby.

So-called “universal background check” laws create a false sense of accomplishment because, while law-abiding citizens are required to comply, criminals simply do not. Bad guys don’t visit gun shops to buy firearms; they burglarize gun shops to steal firearms.

Wherever those guns go in subsequent circulation, the transfers do not involve background checks. Whatever else criminals do, they are adept at ignoring the law. That’s what makes them criminals.

This point was never as well expressed as it was in a recent Delaware State Supreme Court ruling that



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