NFL Players Have Right To Protest But 1st Amendment Doesn’t Prevent Consequences

One of the more interesting twists in the ongoing debate about the NFL’s National Anthem protests is the reaction that the protests incite from the right and the left.

On the right, some folks (including the President) have implied that the players shouldn’t have the right to protest the Anthem during the games. On the left, some have implied that folks on the right have no right to get so upset about the Anthem protests.

It’s an odd dichotomy and there has been more than a little hypocrisy from both sides of the debate. Which is why it’s sometimes helpful to remember that many of the arguments being delivered on both sides of the debate can have elements of truth to them.

Our friend Tim Dukeman recently detailed some of the dueling elements of the debate that are true even if we don’t like them.

From Tim Dukeman’s



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