NFL Empty Seats Watch: Which Stadiums Are Most Likely To Be “Attendance-Challenged” Week 12

It has been a rough year for the NFL, as has been well-documented and extensively discussed. Attendance at games, television ratings and advertising revenue all have been plummeting, with the loss of many long-time fans for good, due in significant part to kowtowing to George Soros and Black Lives Matter with the false victimization-of-blacks-by-police narrative.

One recent trend, thanks in large part to Empty Seats Galore on Twitter (@emptyseatspics),  is noticing how many NFL stadiums are very far from filled during gametime.

There are numerous candidates for Week 12 games likely to feature stadiums with quite a few empty seats, based on recent games there with poor attendance:

Lucas Oil Stadium, at which the 3-7 Indianapolis Colts host the 6-4 Tennessee Titans

#NFL #PITvsIND RT @willspringer: @[me] Colts fans fed up. Many empty seats and many Steelers fans in Indy.

— Empty Seats Galore (@EmptySeatsPics) November 12,



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