Newsweek lauds armed Communist militia group that seeks revolution

On Wednesday, Newsweek, the leftist rag that once dubbed former President Barack Obama “god of all things,” published an article lauding a gun group it actually seems to like.  The organization, called “Redneck Revolt,” is described as “a group of far-left activists” who have sparked “a working class movement that promotes social justice and protects minorities.”  A quick trip to its website, however, reveals the group to be steeped in Communism.

What is Redneck Revolt? These left-wing activists are armed and they’re everywhere

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) December 27, 2017

According to Cristina Maza:

Similar to the grassroots vigilantes who attended the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this summer, members of Redneck Revolt can often be found at protests armed to the teeth. But instead of protecting far-right white supremacists, members of Redneck Revolt provide protection for minority groups such as Black Lives Matter



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