Newsweek compares Charles Manson to Donald Trump

There’s a reason we refer to the so-called “mainstream media” as the “Democrat-media complex.”  In an article published Monday, Newsweek, the publication that once dubbed Barack Obama “god of all things,” compared deceased felon Charles Manson to President Donald Trump.

How murderer Charles Manson and President Donald Trump used similar language to gain followers

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) November 20, 2017

According to Newsweek:

“Our current president speaks in an emotional or affective way to large numbers of people in our country who feel a kind of alienation or disconnection from the government,” [psychoanalyst Mark Smaller] said. “They feel very responded to and become his political base.”

According to the psychoanalyst, cult followers like those in the Manson family are so seduced by feelings of acceptance and understanding that they accept their leaders’ ideologies regardless of how destructive or dangerous they may be.

Newsweek added this



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