Newsmax’s 100 Most Influential Republican Women

The women who made this year’s list of 100 Most Influential Republican Women often have the word “first” next to their names: First female senator from their respective states, first Hispanic female governor, first woman combat pilot, first lady.

Indeed, they are leading GOP voices at a time when the party is trying to reach women voters through a variety of channels — politics, media, business, and academics.

These women are self-styled pioneers who, despite their varied public roles, share a core set of conservative principles and beliefs.

1. Betsy DeVos A businesswoman and generous GOP donor, DeVos won confirmation as education secretary after a bruising and partisan Senate fight, which President Donald Trump called a “very tough trial and a very unfair trial.” But, there’s no disputing that the longtime school choice crusader has the opportunity now to remake the way American kids are taught.

2. Sarah Palin



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