New York Times: Legitimizing anti-Semitism?

Adolph Eichmann at trial in Jerusalem after Mossad capture

The Forty Years War between the New York Times and reality is revisiting old war scenes and once again stirring contention. Now they are using art critics for ammunition – specifically writer Jason Farago. Recently Farago reviewed “Operation Finale,” an exhibit on the capture and trial of Adolph Eichmann, the major SS officer streamlining the “Final Solution” of Jews during World War II.

Eichmann’s 1960 capture was spectacular, and it echoed around the world. Because it was planned and executed by Mossad agents, it played out like a thriller. Certainly the cunning of the Israelis and their Cold War spy wizardry alone are worth an exhibit. Hidden mics, cameras, blacked-out goggles, and hi-tech military gear are in this exhibit – as well as disguises, false passports, and recordings. The center piece is the bulletproof glass cage where Eichmann safely sat



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