New York Getting Wise To Chuck Schumer: Favorability Drops Among Voters

In the six months since Donald Trump was inaugurated,  it’s become painfully obvious that along with not knowing that a pair of glasses do not belong at the tip of one’s nose, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is making his decisions based on politics, rather than what’s good for the United States or his constituents in New York.  As a result (according to the latest Sienna poll) Schumer’s favorability ratings among NY voters are at the lowest level ever.

While 53% is pretty good for a favorability rating when one looks at the fact that it was at 67% only eight months earlier, team Schumer must be getting a bit concerned.

NY’s other senator, Kirsten Gillibrand (who voted for the Iran deal which was rejected by most New York Voters) should be concerned also, not because of a lack of favorability, but because when asked 33% of NY voters had now opinion. This



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