New WikiLeaks Dump Shows That 1984 Might Not Be Far Off

We were terrified when we heard that Mr. Snowden had released so many classified documents on the internet. Many of us were too busy looking at what he had done to notice why he had done what he had. We called him a trader and a turncoat, but we almost forgot that he let us in on a big secret. Our government wants to skip the Constitutional protection and illegally obtain information on its citizens.

That the NSA is listening to all our conversations is troubling enough, but it seems that even this is not enough. What if everything you did and said was being recorded? What if they were using your television to watch you?

Sounds like a paranoid delusion? Sound like a fantasy? It may be real.

The Washington Times reports

WikiLeaks published thousands of purported CIA documents Tuesday that claim to show intimate details of the…



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