New trend: Brides bring grandmother’s into the ceremony…

Nancy Rutchik and Flossie Pack are flower girls extraordinaire.

Not only did the outgoing and energetic 80-somethings draw cheers as the surprise flower girls at their granddaughter Lucy Schanzer’s wedding, but they reprised the role to further acclaim at the wedding of Schanzer’s younger sister the following year.

Being close with her grandmothers, Schanzer, 31, wanted to involve them in her wedding ceremony in a way that was prominent and unique. “Grongong” Nancy and Grammy Flossie embraced their chance to be flower girls, which was kept secret until the two, wearing pearls and big smiles, began scattering petals from antique silver baskets to the “I Love Lucy” theme song. They walked down the aisle before an adoring crowd just before Schanzer married Kyle Schanzer on May 30, 2015, in a redwood forest in Carmel, California.

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“When they saw us, they started laughing,”



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