New Titans of Media Have Had a Tremendous Impact on the Flow of Information

Not too many years ago, if you were sitting at a bus stop or commuting on public transportation, most likely you and your neighbors would have your head buried in the morning paper. Sitting at a bus stop the other day, everyone had their heads buried in handheld devices, mostly they were reading their smartphones. 

What this says is that there has been a tremendous impact on the flow of information. You no longer have to wait to look it up. It will pop up right in your hand or pocket. This is what Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Drudge are a part of. Here is the impact that they are having in the age of instant data.

As Written By Jeff McCall for The Hill:

Just a few decades ago, citizens who wanted to stay on top of the daily news had a narrow range of options. They could read a newspaper, watch



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