New Study Shows California Ranks #1 for ‘Worst Quality Of Life’

Unless you are very rich or homeless, living in California has become the worst state in the union for overall quality of life, with New Jersey right behind it.

One of the measurements of the quality life, according to a study by U.S. News, was whether residents can even afford to have a roof over their heads.

By that standard, California is failing. The state with the best quality of life was North Dakota, followed by Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Isn’t liberalism grand? California has become a cross between Cuba and Northern Mexico. Third world commie foreign state. #PLEASESECEDE

— Wayne Allyn Root (@RealWayneRoot) March 1, 2018

READ: Will Scott Baio Bring Happy Days Back to Bankrupt California? The rankings considered two sets of metrics for each state:

1. Natural environment, comprising drinking-water quality, air quality, and pollution and industrial toxins.

2. Social environment, comprising community engagement, social support, and voter participation.



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