New Scandal Rocks the U.S Army

Retired Army LtCol Allen B. West writes about the new scandal that is rocking though those in charge of advertising the Army image. As Mr. West points out, there have been some really catchy Army recruiting ads in the past. Army Strong was one of those that did well for recruiting. Heard any good ones lately? Neither has the Colonel. And look, there is a scandal there.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Some of you may remember the old Army recruiting theme, “Be All You Can Be.” I do, and it was one of the most popular marketing themes in its day. I also remember the motivational song from the 80s “We Were There.”

[embedded content]

Those two themes were a rallying cry to serve in the U.S. Army that I will never forget. It called to the very patriotic spirit to be a part of something that



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