New Report: Proof that Vladimir Putin ordered election interference?

The real question to be addressed here is did Russian President Vladimir Putin order interference in the 2016 Presidential election? The Washington Post is claiming that there is proof and it was gathered by the Central Intelligence Agency. 

It is not clear exactly what this proof is. It is also claimed that President trump was briefed about this interference. The CIA briefing with the President was followed up with a briefing by FBI Director James Comey and was about the Fusion GPS Russian dossier. The effects upon the President are speculated about in this article.

As Written By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

A spicy morsel from a loooong behind-the-scenes WaPo piece about Trump doggedly resisting the idea that Russia helped him, intentionally or not, by taking “active measures” against Hillary and the Democrats. Precisely how the CIA “captured” Putin’s orders is left unsaid, of course, but the way WaPo’s story is written



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