New Records Show Geek Squad and FBI Work Closely Together

Child porn is an epidemic. It’s disturbing and disgusting. I do not know how any adult can lust after a child.

Honestly, anyone who looks at child porn, or acts upon their impulses, needs to be in jail or a mental institute.

With that being said,  Best Buy’s Geek Squad has apparently been playing gate keeper between people with child porn on their computers and the FBI, according to new records.

While I never really seen considered that as an option, it makes perfect sense.

While there is no question that Geek Squad technicians have notified authorities after finding child porn, the new court documents assert that there is a deeper relationship than has previously been revealed between the company and federal authorities. The court is now considering the extent of that relationship and whether it is grounds to throw out a pending child porn case, though it could also…



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