New questions raised over Farrakhan’s Harlem mosque killing

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

New questions have been published by the New York Daily News over a killing of a police officer 46 years ago in Nation of Islam chief Louis Farrakhan’s Harlem mosque.

Headlined “The NYPD must let out the truth about an unsolved cop-killing,” contributor Randy Jurgenson explains the history:

“Forty-six years ago today, an NYPD cop named Phillip Cardillo was gunned down inside a Nation of Islam mosque in Harlem. No one ever served a day in jail for the crime. And for 46 years, the NYPD has been withholding evidence in his murder case from the public. It’s time they come clean.”

The actual anniversary of the shooting death was Saturday. And officials with Judicial Watch, who have sued over the secrecy of the records, noted the questions from the Daily News: “Could the secret to unraveling the Cardillo murder be in the withheld



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